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Ultra–Thin Windows

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  • Ultra-thin windows have been used more and more in many applications. But these components are too difficult to be manufactured because the components' thickness is quite smaller than its dimension. BTMT can make the parts at the ratio from 10:1 to 40:1. The flatness of λ/4 and the transmission wavefront distortion of λ/8 are available in BTMT.



Material: Crown, Flint, UVFS
Surface Flatness: λ/4@632.8nm
Transmission wavefront distortion: See table@632.8nm
Wedge: <1 arcmin
Surface Quality: 20/10 on both sides
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1mm
Clear Aperture: >90% of central diameter
Coating: Optional
Bevel: 0.2mmx45°