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Precision Parallel Windows

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  • BTMT can manufacture many difficult parallel windows of tight parallelism, tight dimension tolerance, high precision flatness and laser-grade surface quality. It is certain that all of our products are reliable because we have advanced inspecting-equipments, QA procedures and excellent operation process and high-tech staffs.



Material: Crown, Flint, UVFS
Surface Quality: 10/5, 20/10(both sides)
Parallelism: <1"
Diameter Tolerance: +0.00/-0.20mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Clear Aperture: >90% of central diameter
Coating: Optional
Bevel: 0.3mmx45°

parallelism for tested piece

refractive index for tested piece

diameter of interferometer

diameter for tested piece

fringe in interferometer

fringe in tested piece's diameter