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Equilateral Prisms

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  • Equilateral prism is called dispersing prism. A white light ray is twice refracted passing through the prisms; meanwhile the output different color light can be separated. They are used for wavelength separation application. BTMT can provide fused silica, BK7 and SF10 materials. BK7 is more durable and has superior transmission, SF10 offers superior dispersion but it is more fragile and sensitive to training.



Material: Crown, Flint, UVFS
Surface Flatness: λ/8 @ 633nm
Surface Quality: 20/10 for BK7 & Suprasil II 40/20 for SF10
Dimension Tolerance: +0.00/-0.20mm
Angle Tolerance: 60°± 3arcmin
Clear Aperture: 90% of central dimension
Coating: Single layer MgF2
Bevel: 0.3mmx45°