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Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters

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  • Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters is cemented by a pair of high precision right angle prisms, the hypotenuse of one prism is coated with polarization dielectric coating, and outsides are coated with AR coating. It split randomly polarized beams into two orthogonal, linearly, polarized components. S-Polarized light is reflected at a 90 degree angle while P-polarized light is transmitted.


  • Laser-LinePolarizing Cube Beamsplitters
  • AR Coating: R<0.2% per surface @ DWL
  • Transmission of p-pol :Tp> 95%@ DWL
  • Reflection of s-pol:Rs> 99.8%
  • Extinction Ratio:Tp / Ts>1000 : 1
  • BroadbandPolarizing Cube Beamsplitters
  • AR Coating: R<0.5% per surface @ VIS
  • Transmission of p-pol :Tp> 90%@ VIS
  • Reflection of s-pol:Rs> 99.5% @ VIS
  • Extinction Ratio:Tp / Ts>500 : 1