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Broadband Anti-Reflection Coatings

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  • *Single Layer
    *Multilayer Broadband
  • As light passes through an uncoated glass substrate, approximately 4% will be reflected at each surface. This results in a total transmission of only 92% of the incident light. Anti-reflection coatings are especially important if the system contains many transmitting optical elements.

    Anti-reflection coatings are offered to reduce surface reflections to a minimum. Two types of broadband coatings are offered by BTMT.

    A 1/4wave MgF2 coating is a broadband coating (400~700nm typical) that can be used for substrate with index of refraction ranging from 1.45 to 2.4. It is less sensitive to angular and spectral variations than multilayer coatings. 

    A single layer of MgF2 on Fused Silica or Bk7 reduces reflections per surface to about 1.5% over a broadband width. If lower reflectance is required, a multilayer broadband coating will provide and reflectance less than 0.5% per surface.

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Coating Description


1/4 Wave MgF2@550




R≤1.5% 400-700nm(BK7/K9)
R≤0.5% 435-685nm(BK7/K9)
R≤0.5% 435-685nm(SF2/ZF1)

NIR [1250-1650nm]
R≤0.5% 500-830nm(BK72/K9)
R≤0.5% 1250-1650nm(K3/K10)
R≤0.5% 1250-1650nm(SF15/ZF11)